Plymouth Water District

Benton County Washington

Well Project


BNR Well

The Burlington Northern well is located north of the township of Plymouth and west of Plymouth Rd along the railroad tracks.  The well is 556 Ft. deep and was drilled in 1951.  A 350 gpm pump is controlled by level probes in the reservoir.  

PWD New Well

According to the DOH, a new well is the best solution for the nitrate issue in the drinking water.

USDA loan will be over a period of 40 years with a 2.375% interest rate.

The total cost for the new well and well house will be $1,398,128.00

  • PWD contribution:  $52,128.00 - Obligation met
  • CDBG Block Grant:  $740,000.00
  • USDA Agency Grant:  $409,000.00
  • USDA Loan:  $197,000.00

The engineer for the new well project is Gray & Osborne.

Pre-requirements and permits have been met and secured.  The drilling permit has been received from DOE. 

For environmental reasons, G&O is in the process of placing an ad in the newspaper reporting the drilling of a well.  After this, the job will be open for bids.  Drilling of the new well could start in April 2019.

Progress Report:

There is a 3 phase process to finishing the New Well

  1. Drill Well - Bid ad was put in the newspaper on June 6th and will run for 2 weeks.  On June 27th G&O and the Board of Commissioners will select the best bid.  The estimated cost to drill is $445,000.00.  Will take approximately 2 months to drill well and should start late July - early August.
  2. Main Pump - After the well is drilled an ad must be place in newspaper for bids on the pump instillation contractor.
  3. Building -  Next, after the pump is installed, an ad will be placed in newspaper for bids on the pump house building contractor.

UPDATE (7-3-19):

The well drilling bid has been awarded to O'Keefe Drilling Co. (Butte, Montana) with the $299,376.00 bid offer. When they get the notice to proceed, they will have 80 days to complete the drill.

UPDATE (8-1-19):


Contract with O’Keefe Drilling Co. signed.

Drilling of new well should start in September.


UPDATE (10-8-19):

Drilling has begun.

UPDATE (11-22-19):

Engineer reported the drilling should be completed by December 19, 2019.

Pump testing: 1-7-10 thru 1-13-20.

UPDATE (2-7-20):

Drilling of the new well is complete at 733 feet depth.  Testing of well is ongoing.

Phases 2 & 3 has begun.  G&O are working on all designs & plans for pump & building.  Bidding start in April. 


O'Keefe drillers at work


U.S. Corps Well

The US Corps well is located south-east of the township of Plymouth.  The well is 629 Ft. deep and was drilled in 1918.  It is considered an artesian well. 

Water Reservoir

The water reservoir is located north of the township of Plymouth & Hwy 14 and west of Plymouth Rd.  It has a compacity of 250,000 gallons of water and is constructed of steel.  There is a float system on the outside of the tank for maintenance to see water level.